Effectively Integrating Ethical Dimensions into Business Education

Edited by

Charles Wankel, Ph.D., St. John's University, New York
Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch


كتب د. عبدالله البريدي  فصلاً في الكتاب السابق بعنوان:

Developing Morality in Business Students: Insights From Arab-Islamic Culture and Business Experience


من مقدمة الناشر:


Over the last decade, we have been witnessing a dramatic contrast between the CEO as a superhero and CEO as an antihero. The new challenge in business education is to develop responsible global leaders. Relatively little is known, however, about how management educators can prepare future leaders to cope effectively with the challenge of leading with integrity in a multicultural space. This volume is authored by a spectrum of international experts with a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives. It suggests directions that business educators might take to reorient higher education to transcend merely equipping people and organizations to greedily proceed, with dire effects on the preponderance of people, nations, our planet and the future. The book is a collection of ideas and concrete solutions with regards to how morality should be taught in a global economy. In the first part, the editors present reasons why management education for integrity makes up an important challenge in an intercultural environment. This book is an overview of a spectrum of approaches to developing moral character in business students in this epoch of dynamic technologies and globalization. Experts share approaches to sensitizing learners to integrity and its opposite in a wide variety of international cases and examples. The impact of colliding cultural differences on management education will be also parsed. With in-depth discussions of the influence of such factors as gender, ethnicity and academic performance the book looks comparatively at the implications for instructors in various cultural contexts. A wide variety of teaching approaches are explained with lengthy examples including ones leveraging humanities and storytelling.


  Publisher:  Information Age Publishing , 2011


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