Do potential female employees prefer female or male leaders and why?

Empirical Investigation in Saudi Arabia


Prof. Abdullah Al-Beraidi 

Business Department , Qassim University, Saudi Arabia



This paper explores some aspects of the phenomenon of female leadership, taking into account the fact that the women contribution in leadership positions has been weak in different organizations and countries. The research problem can be presented by the following key question: Do potential female employees prefer female or male leaders in the work environment and why. The paper uses both quantitative (n= 730 ) and qualitative (n= 19) approaches and depends on the data collected from Saudi youth female students. The research findings show that the vast majority of the sample prefer male leaders for several reasons which were reported in details in this study and compared with their counterparts in the literature.  

Key words: Leadership, Female Leadership, Male Leadership, Dilemma of female leadership,  Saudi Arabia


Source: 7th International Conference of Management and Behavioural Sciences, Delhi  , 9th – 10th March, 2013

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